CombiTrip handles privacy information with great care. We only request and use personal data (as little as possible) if this is strictly necessary. Most privacy-friendly settings become standard presented to the user. CombiTrip wants to be completely transparent in the way it, as the Data Controller, handles the processing of personal data made available to it. This will be explained below explained, with the lead states that CombiTrip will comply with the applicable privacy rules, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and the Telecommunications Act (Tw).

Most users use the combitrip website or app without a login account. We do not request any personal details for this. We do use data about the journey (from, to, when, which modalities, personal travel preferences) such as departure, arrival modality sorting) linked to an IP address. We only use this data in-house to see where users come from (city, country, continent (done via IP address) - no more accurate than city / village level - and what travel and travel preferences are set. We store this data in our own database and this data is never shared with third parties. This data is only used to monitor the system, for problems on the tracks and to debug and improve.

CombiTrip uses cookies to remember the last trip entered and travel preferences (such as from, to, date, chosen travel modalities). This data is only used for the convenience of the traveler so that they are the last chosen travel and travel preferences for a later visit. This data is therefore only stored on the device of the user and is not used for anything else and not stored by CombiTrip.

Google Analytics is used to see how users interact with the website. This way we can see how many visitors there are per day, which pages they visit and where they come from (city, country, province, continent (but not more accurate than that). Google analytics also uses cookies to see, for example, whether a visitor is new or has already traveled with CombiTrip before.

Google Adwords is used to show ads that are relevant to the user. Google uses various techniques (such as cookies) to determine which advertisements are of interest to a user. It is for CombiTrip not to fully oversee which techniques these are, we assume that Google will handle this properly and comply with all regulations. , If it appears that this is not the case, we will remove Google Adwords immediately.

CombiTrip often connects users to book tickets with a so-called "Deeplink". Usually a cookie is placed to track whether the user buys a ticket on the website within a certain time (often 30 days) from the partner. If this is the case, CombiTrip usually receives a commission on the amount of the ticket.

CombiTrip regularly receives emails from users who have questions about a trip or have comments about the website. These mails are only used to improve the CombiTrip platform. These emails will never be with third parties shared. These mails are and will remain stored in the combitrip gmail account and will not be saved or sent anywhere else.

CombiTrip works together with many partners worldwide to provide the service. There is often intensive and frequent contact with these partners. That is why we store the contact details such as contact person name, telephone, email, and company namein an excel sheet. This excel sheet is stored on the computer of the owner of CombiTrip and is not shared with anyone else.

In our privacy policy we describe exactly what is happening within CombiTrip. Who can view and edit the data? How is data destroyed when it is no longer needed? How is your computer secured so that it is guaranteed no one else can access the data? This should be a good idea for all persons who have to deal with personal data. They must be aware of the rules and abide by them.

Travel data (input (from, to, date), output results, travel options with possibly a booking link) are always permanently deleted within 24 hours. We also want to expressly state that we do not share this information with a person can link exact location because they are only linked to an IP address. Also, this information is never shared with third parties and only used to improve your own platform.

Data from registered users is stored on the payment provider's server. One of the requirements of this payment provider is that it meets all privacy standards and regulations that apply in the Netherlands and the European Union.

For all data that is stored for visitors who visit combitrip without login, West Tech Solutions B.V. (market name CombiTrip) responsible. CombiTrip often refers visitors to third-party websites for booking tickets, then the relevant website is responsible for the correct processing of personal data. We use external parties for logged in visitors and for personal data in addition to email, telephone number, username and password. This extra data (for example, payment data is never processed by CombiTrip itself) is stored by one of our payment partners. We only connect with payment partners who meet all privacy regulations and check whether they are doing data minimization.

The data stored by CombiTrip is only used to improve your own service and in principle never shared with third parties. Only if it is legally determined that certain information must be shared with a government agency (for example for a police investigation) then CombiTrip will share information. In the future, it may be that travel data is completely anonymized and then shared in the context of improving MaaS solutions.

If you wish to inspect, rectify or supplement, limit the processing, deletion or transfer of your personal data, or wish to object to the data processing, you can contact us via: CombiTrip | West Tech Solutions B.V. Langeweg 61 4341 RE CombiTrip will respond within four weeks of receipt. In principle, CombiTrip does not charge any costs for this. In the case of a proven unfounded or excessive request, or if there is a request by a person many requests are submitted, CombiTrip requires a reasonable administrative fee. In those cases it is also possible to choose to refuse the request. If you believe that CombiTrip is not acting in accordance with the You can file a complaint about this with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.